Compatible Computer Services

Custom Development Applications for Clients
Both Large and Small

CCS has the skills to deliver projects, on time and within budget, ranging from a couple hours in size to several months, using tools appropriate to the environment ranging from VB.Net, VB, Visual C, PHP, MySQL, Crystal Reports, Access and Excel.

Ad hock cheque creation and auditing system
  A government related organization historically manually typed ad hock cheques for clientele with a minimum of auditing capability and paper based historical information. In preparation for the new cheque clearing rules coming in play for June 2007, they required a system that would add security, auditing and historical capability along with adherence to the new cheque clearing requirements.
A member based training tracking system
  An internationally based organization required a Access based system to maintain their member information database. Additionally, the organization had a strong need for an internal, continuing education and qualification system. This system automated the exam marking and ranking of courses and the maintenance of course history for the previous ten years. This system also provided reporting capabilities, administration capabilities as well as course and conference scheduling capabilities.
A quarterly budgeting system for Simply Accounting including forecasting and actual
  While Simply Accounting is a leading accounting product for small business, it is weak when a client requires quarterly budgeting. This small program extracted relevant information for inside the Simply Accounting database to create a single report that would provide all the needed information for budgeting and imported it into an Excel spreadsheet.
An inventory physical counting system
  Previously this retail establishment spent several days with several personnel to provide the annual physical count. This system, using portable bar-scanning data terminals, cut the workload by 60% and additionally provided them with much more precise count couple with the capture of historical data that could be compared to their in-house accounting system.
A Web-based employee pier based review and remuneration system
  This system enabled employees to grade co-workers regarding “going the extra mile” for both internal and external clients. Web based interactive pages with database support and managerial separation of function.
An invoice creation system outside of but for Simply Accounting
  Client required sales created from a secondary system (A Point Of Sale system) to be transported into Simply Accounting so that the accounting could be recorded in Simply.
Automated Remote Backup
  Client required a simple system that could backup key files and move them to offsite storage via a telecommunication system. This allowed for backups to happen automatically and be shipped off without intervention.
A powerful and flexible searching engine for Simply Accounting
  Simply Accounting is weak when it comes to searching inventory part numbers or customer names when either list numbers in the thousands. This system allowed for very flexible searching criteria when looking for part numbers and customer names inside Simply Accounting. Secondly it provided the capability of purchase and sales history for part numbers s well as sales and profitability history for customers.
An offsite sales recording and tracking system
  This system, using portable data terminals, allowed staff to record sales that were later downloaded into a main sales database system.
Web-based database opinion survey applications
Conference online registration applications
Creation and or modification to Simply Accounting reports
Customized reports of numerous industry specific applications
Numerous web sites – both unchanging and client modifiable

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