Compatible Computer Services

Restaurant Liquor Control Systems for Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & PEI

In fast-paced bars, bartenders should spend the majority of their time mixing drinks, not entering customer orders.

  • Flashpour can be set up to force the liquor to be rung in prior to pouring or to allow the bartender to free pour the liquor and then give a reading on what was short
  • Whether you wish to interface to a liquor pouring system or you wish to use our built in liquor weighing, Flashpour covers both.
  • Other features of the Flashpour system include a set up to record draft meters and inform you of the number of bottles of beer that are over or short in the cooler

Built in features include:

  • Liquor and Draft Interface
  • Customer Tabs
  • "Double" and "On the Rocks" Price Bump Keys
  • Happy Hour Pricing
  • Item Lookup / Help
  • Game Timers

Potential Configurations

  • Fast Bar Station for Each Bartender
  • Bar Printer Doubling as a Check Printer at Each Bar
  • Liquor and Draft Interface
  • Server Station
  • Handheld's for Servers on the Floor
  • Enterprise Management Solution
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liquor control liquor control liquor control

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