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What is delivery management software? Everything you need to know

A consumer’s desire to receive fast and prompt deliveries is unsatiable. They no longer want to wait days for their deliveries and increasingly opt for one-hour or same-day deliveries. As for brands, they need to match these growing expectations and offer speedy deliveries for a reasonable price and convenience. It is why businesses are rapidly adopting delivery management software in Halifax to control the different aspects of a delivery supply chain, manage back-end operations, and facilitate their connection with the customers at every touchpoint up to the last mile.

However, businesses need to remember that not all pickup and delivery software are the same. They must factor throughout the delivery process and not just a single part of it to make a sizable impact on your ROIs and KPIs. Although employing different software for different operations in a delivery process is doable, managing and maintaining sync between these standalone applications severely limits the extent of operational improvements and optimizations.

Therefore, businesses need to accommodate all their needs and accomplish them with a single delivery management software.

What is delivery management software?
Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the delivery management software, you need to know what one is. A delivery management software is a digital logistics tool employed for planning, managing, optimizing, and executing delivery activities. It is a centralized form of communication that lets a business stay vigilant during the entire product delivery lifecycle and connect all aspects via one platform. A reliable delivery management software offers a plethora of features for each stage of the delivery cycle.

What is the main objective of a delivery management tool?
The following are the various objectives for which a company employs delivery management software:

  • Allow end-to-end logistics visibility
  • Offer speedy deliveries
  • Plan multiple deliveries effectively
  • Optimize delivery routes in real-time and allow automatic order dispatching
  • Ensure 100% product delivery transparency to the customers
  • Automate task allocation
  • Manage and reduce transportation risks
  • Enforce a proactive supply chain and logistics model
  • Earn higher profits and accomplish KPI objectives

The top features that must be present in any pickup and delivery software Halifax
These include:

  • Integrate the software with POS and eCommerce platforms and manage order fulfillment across each channel
  • AI-based capabilities to predict and improve deliveries
  • Dispatch orders to the correct driver
  • Automate route planning and optimization
  • Allow customers to track their order status in real-time
  • Provide real-time notifications for dispatchers and customers
  • Ease communication between delivery drivers and back-office staff

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