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Getting your Laptop Repaired: Follow these Precautions before Sending in your Machine

There comes the point in a laptop's lifecycle when you have to send your Windows PC or laptop to a technician. However, before you simply hand over your machine for desktop repair to them, there are a few precautions you must implement.

So, what should you be doing before sending in your broken laptop screen for repair?

Are there any precautions you must take before delivering your desktop to a repair house?

What you must do depends on why you're sending in your machine for repair and where you're sending it.

Are you sending your laptop to an authorized dealer or someone you trust, like Compatible Computer Services? Depending on this, you need to follow some steps to make the decision easier for you.

Never give up your login password:
Most desktop repair technicians would ask you for a login password when they take your device in for repairs. Now, here's the thing you need to know. Ask them whether they have to boot your laptop to make the repairs? Most times, they do not need it. In such cases, you don't have to hand them over such credentials. If they want to test the device, they can simply boot till the login screen appears, and everything else with be good for you.

Will it require any formatting?
For most laptop repairs for a broken screen, there is no need to format your operating system or remove everything from the disk. You can let the operating system and the antivirus software remain as it is.

Erase deleted files:
Once you've backed up all the files, data, pictures, and other relevant information, use software to erase or completely shred any deleted files. Shredding helps you free space on the hard disk along with the random characters so that the data becomes unrecoverable. You can download relevant software for the same.

Service warranty:
They must offer you with service warranty for the solution provided. This way, you can rely on them or not. Many reputable companies have a no fix, no fee policy. That means if they can’t fix your problem, they won’t charge you for any services. An honest technician would make the entire repair process seem easy and hassle-free. Before any repairs are done, ask your technician to offer any warranties on parts and labor costs.

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